A Little About Our Services

Custom Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

Woodeez Stone & Laser Imaging, LLC offers custom laser engraving on almost any item for personal or your business. We can add personalize information, logos and designs on almost any type of material you want. If you want to personalize a gift for someone special or for that special occasion, contact us and we can help you with some ideas.  If you own a business and have special clients that you would like to give out higher end promotional items, contact us and we can design something special specifically for you.

Stone Engraving

On our stone engraving we can do almost everything that can be done with laser engraver and more. Although with a much different process, we can engrave much deeper and get a much higher quality of work and with our capabilities to color in the engraved area allows for beautiful results. With special tools we can get great quality and have precision results which allows us to engrave photos, logos or just about any detail graphics you may want. We can engrave on small stones to bricks to large stone, head stones, memorials and signs and much more. Give us a call and we will be glad to work with you.

Service Like No Other

We work hard to make your life easier

Engraving Gift Store

We are dedicated at working to attract more individual clients by offering an engraving gift store and yes 100% of what we sell would be engravable.

Engraving As You Wait

Customers would select something off our shelves and with pre-established designs, we can personalize a great gift or home decor items all while you wait.

Precision Results

Our special tools allow us to get great quality and precision results which allows us to engrave photos, logos and detailed graphics on your item.

Abundance Of Experience

We can handle large physically challenging projects, to delicate antiques and entrances to large business complexes and subdivisions.

Let us create something for you.

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